“I fantasize about enemas, giving and recieving. The humiliation, discomfort and desperation they make happen are super hot, but I’m really worried people will be freaked about it and associate it with scat!”

Spoilers: I kink out on enema play too for exactly the same reasons. I’m fairly surprised that I’m saying this, because until now, it’s one that I’ve kept relatively close to my chest.

If your reasoning is anything like mine, the scat has nothing to do with it. It’s about inducing desperation and compliance, and if you’re really lucky, a bit of begging to be allowed to expel. Forcing expulsion while being watched is also utterly degrading. There’s a lot to love.

There’s also a variant on this that requires extreme care, sterile equipment, sterile lubricant, and distilled sterile water. A catheter can be inserted into the urethra and inflated inside the bladder to lock it in place, and the bladder itself then filled through the catheter to a safe but uncomfortable level. The catheter can then be clamped, removing the ability to urinate. Compliance follows rather quickly.

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